EV Electric Vehicle Charging

We are here to help our customers gain independence and profit by using solar power.

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3 Problems you may be having

  1. Competitive market and need to position your business or property as a leader
  2. Need to attract new clients and staff with changing needs
  3. Or just need a charging station installed at home using off peak power

3 Remarkable ways we operate

  1. Follow a simple method to ensure results
  2. Full service EV charger, solar and electrical installation
  3. We have a display unit installed for view before buy (in 2017)

3 Products we offer

EV car park chargers

EV Super chargers (fast)

Off peak connection for home chargers

3 Ways to work with us

  1. Check out our resources page for information and advice
  2. Get a site visit and project quote
  3. Supply only if you have your own electrician

3 Reasons why you should use us

  1. We follow a simple method to ensure results
  2. Installation coordinated for least disruption to business operations
  3. We always have time to do our best

Ask about our EV & Solar package specials

Solar Power Store

  • Address: P O Box 16021 Northpoint Qld 4350
    180 Ruthven Street Toowoomba Qld 4350
  • Email: sales@solarpowerstore.com.au
  • Phone: 0427 772 751