Solar Power Pumps

Having a reliable water pump system is critical for any farm which is why we stock Lorentz solar bore pumps. If you need a water pump system installed in a remote area its important to know it will work right out of the box and in any climate. All Lorentz products are tested for 90 minutes before they are packaged up to ensure your solar pump will always work the first time.

Lorentz products are built to be easily serviced on site should parts require replacement.

Forget about windmill maintenance or refuelling remote fuel operated water pumps, Solar power pumps are a low maintenance, off the grid, reliable alternative.

Although the water pumps we stock are designed to be easily installed by you, we offer a separate solar installation service to make going solar a completely stress-free experience. Talk to our solar specialists about your requirements or submit an online enquiry to help us determine the right solar water pump for your farm.