Solar Remove and Refit

Solar Panel Replacement and Removal Service

Solar Power Store in Toowoomba offering Solar Panel Replacement or removal services by expert electrician. If you are planning for new house or move to your new home, then we are the right choice for move your current solar panel to new roof or replace your current with a new one.

Why You Should Trust us?

When we need some solar panels moved for a roof repalcement job  we use solar power store, they are on time, know what they are doing and stick to the price quoted. - G Edser - Garden City Roofing
solar panel replacement
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3 Problems you may have

  1. Need a roof replaced or repaired but there are some bloody solar panels in the road
  2. Need the job done to fit your work schedule
  3. Need to know the jobs done right for a fixed price

3 Remarkable ways we operate

  1. We use a simple method that ensures results
  2. Fixed pricing with some margin for a principle contractor to up sell
  3. Condition report and job checklist provided

3 Products we offer

Straight remove and refit as is

Remove and refit to current standards

Remove, quote any upgrades or defects and refit

3 Ways to work with us

  1. Remove and refit in one trip for small systems
  2. Larger systems remove, store onsite and refit on roof completion
  3. Huge systems we will collaborate with roofing labour to control cost

3 Reason why you should choose us

  1. We follow a simple method to ensure results
  2. We identify and document  any system faults before removal for complete customer and contractor protection
  3. We have fixed pricing allowing you to turn a job cost into anther income stream

First 20 Customers get a 5% discount for the first 12 Months

Solar Power Store

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    180 Ruthven Street Toowoomba Qld 4350
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  • Phone: 0427 772 751