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We are here to help our customers gain independence and profit by using solar power. We Solar Power Store is the best destination if you are searching for solar power systems for your home or business. We are offering solar power systems for business (grid connect solar power system) & home. Our solar power systems come with or without battery storage. 

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3 Problems you may having

  1. Growing electricity bill and on the look for an cost effective solution
  2. Would like to be independent and use solar power at night or have back up supply in black out
  3. No power at a new site.

3 Remarkable ways we operate

  1. Simple method based approach
  2. Use only quality brands and proven products
  3. First understand before we recommend

3 Products We Offer

Grid Connect Solar Power

Matched to your home or business for maximum ROI

Grid Connect Solar power with battery storage

Use solar power at night or in a black out.

Off Grid Solar

We can have a solar power system to a site with no power as good as the grid within 2 days.

3 Ways to work with us

  1. Go to our resources page for free information and insights
  2. Have one of our proven and trusted systems installed
  3. Custom project - we would love to help

3 Reasons why you should choose us

  1. We use a simple method to get results
  2. We make recommendations only after understanding
  3. We have time to do our best

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Solar Power Store

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