About Us

Toowoomba's Solar Power Store was established in 2015 by Owen Scholes. Owen is an experienced solar specialist who has been operating in the Darling Downs for over 20 years as an electrical contractor and has specialised in solar power systems since 2008.

Before the Solar Power Store, Owen started his own electrical contracting business in 2001 operating under the business name 'Green Electrician'. After becoming a qualified solar specialist Owen re-branded the business as 'Solar Power Store'.

Solar Power Store provides an easy, stress-free way for homes and businesses to lower their energy bills and overall power consumption.

We sell and install solar panels, solar power pumps, solar gate openers, electric vehicle charging systems and LED light refits. Solar Power Store also stocks a range of DIY solar products that are conveniently designed for easy installation.

You’re in safe hands with Owen; as a Toowoomba local he knows the region and weather conditions unique to the Darling Downs ensuring you get a solar solution tailored to your requirements. Whether you want to be completely self-sufficient and get "off the grid" or if you're just wanting to lower your power bills, Owen works with you to provide the most suitable and cost-effective solar power option for your household or workplace.