Solar Gate Openers

Improve the security of your home and business by installing a solar powered gate. To ensure you find a gate that suits all your requirements we stock a wide range of solar gate openers for both swing and slide gates.

Unlike electric gates, our solar gates store power throughout the day to keep them operational at night and during power outages.

We stock a standard 12 voltage gate range that are conveniently designed so that you can install and program the gate yourself. If you desire a higher or lower voltage we can source these products for you.

Our rage of gates have several types of entry methods for your convenience. These options include:

    • Push button entry
    • Keypad with a code
    • Remote entry

If you have several people entering and exiting the premises we separately stock additional remotes that you can easily set to your gate.

Once your gate is installed the only programming that needs to be completed is the auto close function. This function will allow you to select a 30, 60 or 120 second duration period before the gate closes. If you are hosting a party you can disengage the auto close function and leave your gate open to allow your guests easy entry to your property. All our gates and remotes have a 12 month warranty.

Request our solar specialist to perform a site inspection and provide a quote on the best system for your requirements or browse through our DIY products now.