Solar Power Systems

Investing in the right solar power system to suit your everyday needs is an important decision. Whether it’s for the home or your business, Solar Power Store provides a range of solar energy options designed to suit your requirements.

Our solar power systems include:

  • Grid connect with battery storage (for excess solar)
  • Grid connect with battery backup
  • Off-the-grid system - never experience another blackout!
  • Straight grid connect
We offer a solar installation service for all of our systems so you know that your purchase will be operational and reliable right from the start.

If you're not sure what solar system is the best fit for your power requirements, our experienced solar specialists can visit your premises to advise you on the right solar system type and size. Our advice is carefully determined by assessing your daily kilowatt usage.

We also offer a removal and refit service for grid connect solar systems. If you want to move your solar panels or if you’re renovating your home, we will look after your solar system.

Start reducing your power bills, request our solar specialist to assess your solar options.