Benefits of Solar Energy

The biggest advantage of solar power is that it harnesses natural energy to produce environmentally friendly electricity. This energy can be used power homes, run computers, heat water and run entier companies. The sky's the limit so why not use it to cut the cost of your power bills in half!

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Secure Your Home and Business with Solar Power Store’s Gate Openers in Toowoomba

In the recent times, the securities of homes and businesses have become a growing issue. In order to keep a strict eye on this issue and safeguard your property, the installation of gate openers are becoming a popular and a prevalent measure.

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Some DIY Checks for Grid Connect Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems are very reliable however from time to time some things can go wrong.

The voltage on the AC (grid) and DC (solar panel) side of the inverter is classed as low voltage so should only be altered by an licensed electrician. With this in mind there are still some user checks that could be carried out that might save a service call or might speed up your repair or warranty claim if you have to get someone out.

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