Secure Your Home and Business with Solar Power Store’s Gate Openers in Toowoomba

In the recent times, the securities of homes and businesses have become a growing issue. In order to keep a strict eye on this issue and safeguard your property, the installation of gate openers are becoming a popular and a prevalent measure.

The gate should be technologically advanced to become a beneficial addition to your property rather than just a bulky obstacle. The Solar Power Store located in Toowoomba, Darling Downs region understand the importance of this issue and significantly escalates their usability by offering automatic gate opener.

Earlier, the people use to discourage even the thought of buying any such device because power supply would be extremely difficult or rather impossible. We completely care for the concerns of our customers and offer solar powered gate opener, which is convenient, useful, and affordable.From customary security to complete luxury, we provide gate openers to suit your budget and style.

Niceties of Solar Gate Opener

The conversion of sunbeams into electricity is the Solar Power. The solar energy is collected through the solar panels and stored with the effective battery system. These powered batteries can close and open the solar powered gates for approximately 110 cycles. The power can be restored by the battery within 5 minutes of opening the door. In the market, there is numerous automatic gate opener available, but, the solar power gates from the Solar Power Store in Toowoomba are the most effective and easy to use.Some of the major features that make the solar powered gate opener highly endearing are-

  • Decorative and convenient
  • Dependable functionality
  • Withstand any weather condition
  • Can be sliding or swinging
  • Easy installation and increased security
  • Highly effective and affordable
  • Zero Power Consumption
  • Can be driven from any corner of your house without any rigid rules
  • Highly appealing and acceptable in entire Australia

Types Mostly in Use

With the evolving gate automation system,our endeavour is to fit the superior quality structures to guarantee the best promising product and the utmost security level. The mostly used automatic gate opener types are sliding and swinging and double swing.

Sliding doors are ideal for the limited space area and usually, need a storage zone. Sliding gates are mainly effective in monitoring motor vehicle entry in small to medium traffic locations like multi-unit complexes, residential property,or commercial complexes. The safer and more reliable option is the swinging and the double swinging gates for minimal traffic surroundings.The gate size and the area of operation must be considered while buying the swinging gate openers as the minimum width is 3 meters and can go up to 6 meters and more in the case of double swing gates.

At Solar Power Store, we offer a range of sliding and swinging solar powered gate opener that simply makes your life stress-free and relaxed. Now, save your treasured time by accessing your driveway or garage with remote without leaving your car, that’s the magic of such gates.With the rising perception on power and cost effective solutions, we are also your trusted online solar store for ever increasing energy requirements.


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